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Episode 4: Paying the Price

A bad eating day can take you in only so many directions. This morning, it took me to the gym for a hard workout and to this episode of the Smartest Guy in the Room. Enjoy my suffering.


Episode Three: Processing Disappointment

Smartest Guy returned with two episodes this week.  Here’s the 2nd of those, episode 3 on processing disappointment.  This serves as part of OWTK’s September Self-Reveal Week.  Enjoy.  Comments welcome.

Episode One: Friendship

I finally did this podcast thing.  In episode one I spend 12+ minutes talking to you about friendship.  The real kind.  The real social kind.  Can adults make new friends?  Do your childhood friends have real value if every time you hang it’s filled with talk of “back in the day” and gossip about the others who y’all went to school with, worked with?  What does a friend mean today?  I don’t answer all these questions, but I think I started the ball rolling.

The volume is too low, I know. I’m working on it.  The episode sounded great through my H2 Zoom mic, so something clearly got lost in transit to the laptop.  This could easily be blamed on me for I know not what I do.  For now, crank up the volume on your player.  Thx for listening.

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